NZVNA Clinical Abstracts for Conference 2017

NZVNA Clinical Abstracts Terms and Conditions
The NZVNA invites the submission of abstracts concerning current research, clinical practice or new techniques and initiatives in all aspects of veterinary nursing. All abstracts will bepeer reviewed and following acceptance may be given the opportunity to display a poster at the NZVNA 2017 Conference.
Our scope for poster topics is quite broad. If you are unsure if your topic fits the criteria mentioned, we encourage you to submit your abstract for consideration.
What is a poster?
Posters are widely used at conferences to present research or information
concisely, in an easy to read format, to inform, and generate discussion. Posters often include a combination of text, images, and graphs.

For more info see
Instructions (checklist) for submission of abstract:
• You must be a veterinary nursing assistant/veterinary nurse/veterinary technician/veterinary technologist. (NZVNA membership not required)
• The abstract must be submitted by the presenting author (but not necessarily the lead author)
• Abstracts must be written in English
• Specific advertising in a commercial capacity must not occur
• The use of copyrighted images or information is unacceptable, unless permission for their use has been granted by the copyright owner
• The abstract should contain the relevant information as per the guidelines provided
• Abstracts will not be edited by the NZVNA and you will be responsible for checking your abstract carefully before submission, since it will be printed for review exactly as submitted, changes post submission will not be accepted
• On submission you will need to list all co-authors including supervisors and confirm approval by an ethical committee (where poster presentation is based on research)
• You agree to your abstract being published in The New Zealand Veterinary Nursing Journal
• Be a maximum of 400 words
• All references used have been produced within the last 10 years

Abstracts will not be considered if they:
• are considered of low scientific content
• are irrelevant to veterinary nursing practice
• are received after the closing date Friday 2nd June
• are not written in English
• lead the reviewers to believe there are ethical concerns regarding content, or where privacy/welfare has been breached
Successful applicants will need to register if they wish to attend the NZVNA Conference. No free entry will be provided.

Click here to find the Abstract Submission Form

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