Executive Officers

The New Zealand Veterinary Nursing Association Executive is made up of a group of dedicated individuals who are passionate about veterinary nursing.  The Committee consists of Officers and general committee members who are elected to their positions at AGM.  Executive members must be full members of NZVNA.

Being an Executive member requires commitment.   The Executive meets at least four times a year, sometimes over a two-day weekend period, with monthly Skype meetings.  Attendance at Conference is also expected.  The positions are all honorary.   At Executive meetings the main topic of discussion is Conference, but any item of relevance to vet nurses is discussed in-depth, together with an update of the Business Plan

Executive members are allocated portfolios and different portfolios require different time commitments.   New Executive members are helped and supported by longer-standing council members.   Executive members are also expected to be available continually for email discussions, as this is how a large part of the work is carried out.  Portfolio reports are required to be presented at every meeting

The importance of the NZVNA Executive and the Association itself cannot be overstated.   Without the Association, and in particular the Executive, veterinary nurses in New Zealand would not have a collective and effective voice.

Council Officers

Amy 1 1(copy) Laura photo(copy)(copy)-53 288-893-65 Luanne-587-822
President - Amy Ross Vice President - 
Laura Harvey
TreasurerRobyn Taylor
Secretary -Luanne Corles