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NZVNA offers support and direction to veterinary nurses and sets and maintains standards for excellence in animal care through quality education.

Through representation and education, NZVNA continually strives to raise the status, recognition and standards of Veterinary nurses in New Zealand.  Through its continued efforts, NZVNA has helped make Veterinary nurses valued and acknowledged, as key players in veterinary practice businesses and an integral part of the veterinary health care team

The enormous progress made by NZVNA has been helped by the financial and human resources provided through alliances with veterinary pharmaceutical, food manufacturers and wholesaler and service companies.  The veterinary industry as a whole understands the importance of veterinary nurses as they care for their patients, support veterinarians, advise clients and sell products.  NZVNA values all companies in the veterinary industry, both big and small and believes in giving all companies equal opportunities. 

NZVNA Council members all work on a voluntary basis, as NZVNA is a non-profit organisation.  Their dedication and passion reflects the need to make the best decisions regarding the NZVNA members

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If you have a CPD event/course that you would like assessed for NZVNA CPD points please review the following information:

The New Zealand Veterinary Nursing Association identified a need for recognition of an individual veterinary nurse’s competence, currency and dedication to the veterinary nursing profession.

In 2008 the NZVNA formulated a plan for Continuing Profession Development (CPD) to meet the requirements of New Zealand veterinary nurses who wished to maintain their professional currency, to increase their knowledge and skill levels, and to gain recognition for that work.

In acknowledging the high standard of educational activities now being delivered by various groups, NZVNA has established criteria to enable allocation of CPD points to specifically approved courses. Only NZVNA approved CPD points will be accepted as evidence of continuing education from applicants to the Accredited Veterinary Nurse Scheme.

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