Companion Animal Health Foundation

Healthy Pets NZ
(formerly New Zealand Companion Animal Health Foundation)

New Zealand has relative freedom from some of the major infectious diseases of companion animals seen in many parts of the world, this often means that international studies don’t directly apply to the New Zealand situation.

The Companion Animal Health Foundation (CAHF) was established in 1998 by the NZVA Companion Animal Society (CAS) executive committee to promote animal health and welfare to benefit companion animals in New Zealand.

This independent animal welfare trust was registered as a charitable entity in 2006 and attracts sponsors, bequests and donations that are distributed in accordance with the trust deeds overarching aim that all projects must be of benefit to companion animals in New Zealand.

In 2019, NZCAHF relaunched as Healthy Pets NZ, with a renewed focus to encourage the wider veterinary community to get involved in NZ specific projects. 

You can help improve the health and well being of our companion animals by supporting Healthy Pets NZ. The foundation actively advances the quality of health care for companion animals in New Zealand. Investigations into the most important health problems faced by pets are supported, along with studies of their value to society, and the human-pet bond.

Funding agencies mainly support investigations into the health and welfare of farm animals but little money is provided for the benefit of companion animals. To help our pets enjoy better, healthier lives the foundation must therefore rely upon pet owners, veterinarians, companion animal clubs, and all other concerned people for support.

Your donations help support the health and welfare of pets in New Zealand by improved care and new and better diagnostic investigation and treatment options. Every dollar will be used to help combat health and welfare problems encountered by our companion animals.

Aims and Objectives of Healthy Pets NZ
  • To promote public knowledge in NZ regarding the welfare, breeding, nutrition, management, health, diseases and performance of companion animals.
  • To encourage the study and understanding of companion animals in New Zealand.
  • To foster project or welfare work in connection with companion animals.
  • To assist with projects related to advancing the well-being of all companion animals
Run by volunteers
The New Zealand Companion Animal Health Foundation is a registered independent charitable organisation (CC32372) operated in association with the New Zealand Veterinary Association. It is administered by a small volunteer Board of Trustees.

You can keep up to date with HPNZ via their website