WSAVA - World Small Animal Veterinary Association

Some time ago, Hills Pet Nutrition Ltd NZ and Jolle Kirpensteijn, the president of WSAVA, spoke together about the importance of veterinary nurses/technicians and how we work together.

They then approached Julie Hutt, our president, about the possibilities of the NZVNA becoming an affiliate member of WSAVA. After a year of hard work, writing papers and providing information about our background, achievements and future developments - with a focus on the 5th Vital Assessment, Nutrition, Julie was invited to speak to WSAVA congress on the 5th March 2013.

Julie spoke about our history and what we, as the NZVNA, can bring to WSAVA.   Julie was then asked to leave the room while the WSAVA congress voted.   Julie was then invited back into the room to a large applause - a world first had occurred, the NZVNA has become the world's first veterinary nursing association to be affiliated with WSAVA!

As part of the WSAVA family, we will be passing on relevant information from time to time.

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Clinician’s Brief
At this year’s Congress in Auckland, New Zealand, the WSAVA signed an agreement with the publishers of Clinician’s Brief, the official publication of the NAVC, to provide a free, digital, Global Edition of the journal to all WSAVA members.

Clinician’s Brief has been the top-rated, clinical journal for small animal practitioners in North America for the last seven years.   The Global Edition contains the articles of the current journal and additional material that we hope will be of interest to companion animal practitioners in all 94 WSAVA member associations. 

 Practitioners encounter challenges that vary depending on region. There are different diseases, different medications (or lack thereof), and different socioeconomic problems, all of which impact how we practice.   To accommodate these differences, we have assembled a global editorial advisory board to provide input with regard to specific regional educational needs. These individuals will review each issue for the utility of  content for veterinarians in their region and suggest specific articles and authors.

The members of this global advisory board are: 
Dr. Jolle Kirpensteijn (Netherlands)––Western Europe & Northern Africa
Dr. Boyko Georgiev (Bulgaria)––Eastern Europe, Balkans, & Eastern Mediterranean
Dr. Nicole Rego (India)––India & Western Asia
Dr. Walasinee Moonarmart (Thailand)––South East Asia & Oceania
Dr. Takuo Ishida (Japan)––Eastern Asia
Dr. Ellen van Nierop (Ecuador)––Latin America

Initially, international content will consist of one or two specific additional articles as well as abstracts from the literature with global-specific commentary. While the journal is available in English only, we plan to develop text boxes for translation. It is our hope that some WSAVA member associations may be interested in helping with translation. The cost of total translation is currently beyond our budget. 

 Each member association has been assigned a specific code for their members; our code is NZVNA..  Each association will be provided with a list of its registered Clinician’s Brief subscribers so that the new subscribers’ membership in that association may be verified.
NZVNA members  may go online and register at