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Council Portfolios


 Database Management:

  • Membership

 Kathy Waugh

 Media and Marketing:


  •     Facebook

 Amy Ross, Lauren Prior

  •      Journal

 Antoinette Ratcliffe, 

  •      Website

  Kathy Waugh

  •      Merchandising

  Julie Hutt

  •      Badges
  Kathy Waugh
  •      Public Relations

   Julie Hutt

  •     Sponsorship
   Julie Hutt
   Luanne Corles



  •      CPD Co-ordinator

 Christina Searle

  •      International Enquiries (IVNTA)

 Luanne Corles

  •      Provider Liaison

 Julie Hutt

 Industrial Relations:


  •      Human Resources

 Fiona Hastie

  •      OSH

 Laura Harvey

 Conference Planning:

  Julie Hutt



  •      Code of Conduct

  Kathy Waugh, Julie Hutt

  •      Constitution

  Kathy Waugh, Julie Hutt

  •      Members Handbook

  Kathy Waugh, Julie Hutt

  •      Policy & Business Planning

  Kathy Waugh, Julie Hutt

 Financial Management:

  Kathy Waugh, Julie Hutt

key Member Benefits
  • NZVNA Journal
  • HR and OSH advice
  • Reduced Conference fees
  • SciQuest Veterinary Nursing Library
About us

The NZVNA strives to protect, promote and provide the highest standards of veterinary nursing care.

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