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Dictionary of Veterinary Nursing

By Denis Richard Lane, Sue Guthrie, Sian Griffith$53.63 Price includes NZ wide delivery!

The third edition of this best selling dictionary has been expanded and updated to include new definitions reflecting changes within the veterinary nursing profession, additional illustrations as well as revised appendices. Intended specifically for members of the veterinary nursing profession, all aspects of the curriculum are covered making this a comprehensive quick reference source for nurses working in a busy practice. "Dictionary of Veterinary Nursing" is the perfect companion for all veterinary nurses, whether in training or in practice, as well as a valuable resource for the veterinary receptionist.

Table of Contents

Dictionary Appendices: Temperature, pulse and respiratory rates for various species Biochemistry parameters for dogs and cats Normal parameters for urine for dogs and cats Haematology parameters for dogs and cats Zoonotic diseases Biological data of smaller pets Information on caring for smaller animals Obstetrical information for different species Mathematical formulae for use in veterinary nursing Converting body weight in kilograms and pounds into body surface area in metres squared Infectious disease of dogs and cats Current vaccination schedules for dogs and cats Average weights for common breeds of dog Anaesthetic factors for dogs and cats Gas cylinder colour coding (UK only) Dog breeds and coat colours Cat breeds and coat colours Veterinary qualifications: interpretations of letters after names Useful addresses


Despite using the word "dictionary" in the title, this book is a lot more. As well as a definition, additional facts are provided that are useful for an immediate clinical situation, or an at-home study perspective. Dozens of well drawn illustrations are included, which aid the understanding of the relevant explanation as well as breaking down the monotonous nature of normal dictionaries.
The book has been designed with day-to-day usage by veterinary nurses in mind. The cover is made from a hard-wearing, washable, flexible plastic and the size is A5, which will fit into a standard nurse uniform pocket.
It really is a little powerhouse of a book, full of practical and comprehensive information. It specifically suits veterinary nurses, whether qualified or still training, but would also be useful for receptionists and veterinary students.

The third edition of The Veterinary Nursing, contains a broader range of terms and species than previous editions. This work is intended for those "in veterinary nursing and associated animal health professions.whether in training or in working practice? as well as for those working alongside these professions. The Dictionary of Veterinary Nursing will be a useful and practical reference tool for those seeking a simple, compact and reasonably priced introduction to the field.

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