Continuing Professional Development

Continuing Professional Development is an important aspect of veterinary nursing - the need to constantly be upskilling and developing.

With the advent of voluntary registration, it is a requirement to complete  20 CPD points per calendar year if you wish to be included in the List/Register - this equates to 20 hours

Below is a table showing how these points can be gained. 

Any course that has already been accredited by an outside source - eg RACE points, is acceptable by NZVNA. 
You may use 8 hours (8 points) of non accredited CPD per year

CPD Points table 2020

On the following page you will find a list of CPD that has been accredited by NZVNA

For those wishing to have their CPD accredited by NZVNA -
  • NZVNA will provide free advertising on this website for your event
  • We will endeavour to have an NZVNA representative at your CPD event if you wish
  • We offer fast turnaround of CPD accreditation for your event
  • If a course or event has been deemed to satisfy the requirement for CPD the accreditation fees are:
            - 1 - 4 hour event = $50.00
            - 4 - 8 hour event = $100.00
           - 8+ hour event = $150.00
  • In the event of a course or event not satisfying the requirements for CPD accreditation, no fee will be charged
  • CPD fees are a one-off charge, providers do not need to reapply for accreditation unless the course structure or content changes
  • The NZVNA logo may be used in your advertising if the event or course receives accreditation
  • For all information please email

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