CPD Accredited Courses

Continuing Education providers can apply to NZVNA to have their courses endorsed for CPD points.

The following CPD providers have courses that have been accredited by NZVNA and qualify for points towards CPD.
Other courses that have been given RACE or equivalent points are also accepted by NZVNA
Non accredited courses are acceptable  to claim up to a maximum of 8 CPD points per year

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Hills AVNAT Approved courses   can be found here

Provider Contact/Details
Veterinary Training Centre https://www.veterinarytrainingcentre.com.au/
Oiled Wildlife Response Training https://owrt.org/
VetSpace https://www.vetspace.nz/
Pet First Aid and Training https://petfat.co.nz/
Animal Evac Foundation Course https://www.animalevac.nz/foundation/
Royal Canin Webinars https://promos.royalcanin.co.nz/vets/webinars
Provet Learning https://www.provetlearning.com.au/
ProSkills https://proskillsonline.com/moodle/
Learn Bird Care https://www.learnbirdcare.com/
Veterinary Specialty Centre https://www.vetspecialty.com/on-demand/
Medvet https://info.medvetforpets.com/on-demand
Todays Veterinary Nurse https://todaysveterinarynurse.com/category/
Pet Poison Helpline https://www.petpoisonhelpline.com/veterinarians/webinars/
Think Anaesthesia https://www.thinkanesthesia.education/
Dove Lewis https://www.dovelewis.org/community/events
ASPCApro https://www.aspcapro.org/training
For those wishing to have their CPD accredited by NZVNA -
  • NZVNA will provide free advertising on this website for your event
  • We will endeavour to have an NZVNA representative at your CPD event if you wish
  • We offer fast turnaround of CPD accreditation for your event
  • If a course or event has been deemed to satisfy the requirement for CPD the accreditation fees are:
            - 1 - 4 hour event = $50.00
            - 4 - 8 hour event = $100.00
           - 8+ hour event = $150.00
  • In the event of a course or event not satisfying the requirements for CPD accreditation, no fee will be charged
  • CPD fees are a one-off charge, providers do not need to reapply for accreditation unless the course structure or content changes
  • The NZVNA logo may be used in your advertising if the event or course receives accreditation
  • For all information please email CPD@nzvna.org.nz
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If you have any problems please contact them directly