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CPD Accredited Courses

Continuing Education providers can apply to NZVNA to have their courses endorsed for CPD points.

The following courses have been accredited by NZVNA and qualify for points towards CPD.
Other courses that have been given RACE or equivalent points are also accepted by NZVNA
Non accredited courses are acceptable  to claim up to a maximum of 8 CPD points per year

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Due to the restrictions imposed by the Coronavirus we have increased the amount of unaccredited
CPD acceptable for 2020 to 10 points 


All external links are the responsibility of the individual companies concerned. 
If you have any problems please contact them directly
Course description Points awarded
Excellence in Canine Cardiology - Modules 1, 2 and 3
Boehringer Ingelheim are pleased to invite you to get involved with the Vetmedin® In-Clinic Training (ICT) programme.
      2 per module
ProSkills Online Courses -
Flexible online training for you and your practice
Veterinary Nursing -Anaesthetic Monitoring       6
Assessing Canine Behaviour       1
Assessing Feline Behaviour       1
Being a Patient Advocate       .5
CPR       1
Crash Cart Organisation       .5
Dental Charting       .,5
Developing Nursing Care Plans        3
Foundation Skills for Vet Nurses       6
General Care of Birds       1
Customer Service - Client Communication-The Demanding Client       .5
The Detailed Client       .5
The Introverted Shy Client       .5
Converting a Price Shopper       .5
Customer Service Intelligence       18
Developing a Simple Client Survey       .5
Developing Customer Service Standards        3
Dynamic Merchandising        .5
Effective Communication Skills         1
Handling Disappointment        .5
Leadership & Management - Developing Values with your Team        .5
How to Run a Team Meeting        .5
Human Resource Essentials         6
Inducting New Employees         6
Interview Techniques        .5
Leadership Intelligence         6
Mediation Skills for Resolving Conflict         1
Recruiting the Right Person         .5
Strategic Planning Part 1          1
Strategic Planning Part 2          1
Succession Planning Part 1          1
Succession Planning Part 2          1
The Performance Management Process          3
Workplace Bullying          1
Team Intelligence - Contributing to Culture          .5
How to Ask for What you Want          .5
How to Build Working Relationships          .5
How to Communicate with the Boss          .5
How to Manage your Priorities          .5
Managing Compassion Fatigue          .5
Managing your Emotions at Work           1
Managing your Manager            1
Meeting Etiquette            .5
Hills Pet Nutrition -
Puppy Preschool
 Veterinary Nutritional Advocate 
Hill's Roadshows   
Hill's Pet Nutrition -
People, Pups and Problem Prevention with Nicole Eltringham-Young
Hill's Metabolic Weight Loss Modules
Module 1: Is your patient failing to lose weight? A major cause of this is incorrectly determining ideal body weight. In this session we show you why: communicating to the pet owner that their pet is overweight and learning how to determine ideal body weight (via BCS, BFI and morphometric measurements)
Module 2: How to successfully run a weight loss clinic and troubleshooting common issues (my pet is not losing weight,/begging/treats/losing weight too slowly/quickly)
Module 3: Winning with weight loss: calculating RER/DER with a worksheet and running through the Hill's healthy weight protocol
   10 points
     5 points per module
    (15 points total)
     1 point per CE hour

  1 point per module     
Vetnurse Online UK
     1 point per CE hour
Patient Care  
Professional Development  
Behaviour Welfare and Ethics  
Equine and Exotics  
Wound Management  
Royal Canin  

Royal Canin webinars
Update on Canine Allergies
Update on Food Intolerance & Hypersensitivity
A Practical guide to the work up of the Itchy cat
False friends in Dermatology
Fatty & Skinny - the Theory & Practice of PUFA's in skin disease

Royal Canin roadshows
Nutritional Management of Adverse food reactions and atopic dermatitis: which diet and why?

1 point per webinar

1 point
Kuri Ltd - Running a Puppy Class 12 points
Pet First Aid & Training  5 points
Animal Evac NZ - Foundation Course
 8 points
Oiled Wildlife Response Training   - Foundation Course
Rehabilitation and Facility Module
4 points
6 points
Bayer Vetspace
Equine worming modules 1-4
1 point each
National Veterinary Care

Foundation Dentistry for Vet Nurses – https://veterinarytrainingcentre.com.au/workshops/dentistry-for-vet-nurses/foundation-dentistry-for-vet-nurses

Advanced Dentistry for Vet Nurses – https://veterinarytrainingcentre.com.au/workshops/dentistry-for-vet-nurses/advanced-dentistry-for-vet-nurses

Foundation Nursing (Emergency & Critical Care)- https://veterinarytrainingcentre.com.au/workshops/emergency-critical-care/foundation-emergency-critical-care-for-vet-nurses

Advanced Nursing (Emergency & Critical Care) – https://veterinarytrainingcentre.com.au/workshops/emergency-critical-care/advanced-emergency-critical-care-for-vet-nurses

Foundation Anaesthesia for Vet Nurses – https://veterinarytrainingcentre.com.au/workshops/anaethesia/foundation-anaesthesia-for-vet-nurses

Advanced Anaesthesia for Vet Nurses - https://veterinarytrainingcentre.com.au/workshops/anaethesia/advanced-anaesthesia-for-vet-nurses

7 points


Learn Bird Care

Wild Bird Rescue 101                     


Learn the essential skills for the initial rescue and care for any bird in need.



Baby Bird Rescue and Care         

This course will improve your baby bird skills, from rescue to release.




Hill's In-clinic Training and Webinar Library

Please contact your Hill's Rep to organise an in-clinic training & they will also give you information on where to find the Hill's Webinar Library     

1 point per hour
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