Companion Animal

Transfusing the Feline Patient
What veterinary nurses can do to help support their patient's immune systems
Canine Physical rehabilitation, improving your patient's function through physical therapy
Caring for the Critical pet
Understanding the Blue Patient
Ischemia and Reperfusion Injury: When Cells Almost Die
Low Stress Handling: the new revolution!
Post-operative management of orthopaedic and neurological conditions
Diabetes mellitus - what's new and important
Evans Syndrome: Breaking down IMHA and ITP
Transfusion Medicine
Best Practice Anaesthetic for an elderly cat undergoing a Dental procedure
Myofascial Pain
The Zero Pain Philosophy
ECGs & arrhythmia identification
Breed Related Problems
Complete Dental Prophylaxis
Post operative and anaesthetic complications
Management of patient with canine Parvovirus
Open Wound Management

Post Operative Care​​​​​
Insulin and Blood Glucose Curves

Canine Reproduction - can vet nurses play a role?

Dental Anatomy and Pathology
Practical dentistry for veterinary nurses
​​​​​​​Nutraceuticals and their use in veterinary practice

Interpreting blood results - facts and fallacies

​​​​​​​What every vet nurse should know about lymphoma
Feline Tetanus

Food Allergies

Case Report - Gabby - Pancreatic abscess

Nutritional support of Hospitalised patients

Adjunctive & Advanced Therapies for Pain Management

Reducing morbidity in our anaesthetised patients

Case Report - Girl Sherrin - Myeloid Leukemia

Feline Kidney Disease - its symptoms and management