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Recording Your CPD

With the introduction of voluntary registration, it is a requirement that you complete and record 20 hours of CPD per year.

There is a facility on the website for you to upload and store your CPD certificates each year.
  • Click on the MY CPD Record button on the Homepage  (If we do not have a copy of your qualification on file you will be asked to upload one)
  • Click on Add A New Record - you will have a number of options depending on what the CPD was
 You will then be asked to upload proof  - this should consist of a certificate provided to you when you completed the CPD. You can go back to this at any time and it will be stored for you.  

You will also need to upload proof of 40 hours worked (either a payslip or a letter from your Manager) and a copy of your qualification if we do not already have one on file.

Once you have completed your CPD for the year you can submit it.
Your CPD must be submitted by 31 December to enable you to be on the List/Register for the following year

* Newly qualified VNs are exempt from the 20 hours CPD requirement for the year in which they qualify e.g. if a VN qualifies at the end of 2017 their study goes towards CPD points and they are not required to complete the 20 hours CPD during 2017. However you must upload proof of your qualification to MyCPD Record prior to 31st December. If you have not received your Diploma then a letter from your Provider is sufficient in the meantime.

The List/Register is compiled from MyCPD Record so to enable us to assess whether or not you qualify to be on the List/Register you must upload to MyCPD Record.  This pertains to student also.

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