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Health and Safety

Part of my role on the NZVNA Committee is to give help and advice on Health and Safety.   Veterinary practices should be well aware of the legal requirements imposed by Health and Safety in Employment Act 1992.  These apply to every workplace including the veterinary practice in which you work.

The law has one fundamental aim – to prevent harm to workers and others in places of work.

Employees are expected to make themselves fully knowledgeable and familiar with the “Clinical Practice OSH Manual” for their own health and safety, and to follow these at all times.  When a staff member becomes aware of a new or previously undetected hazard, or considers there is a previously undetected hazard they should bring it to the attention of the practice manager.

Part of my job has been helping with enquires about hazards and how to deal with them, as well as staff training.  If you are unsure about anything or how to deal with certain situations, for example ‘pregnancy’ while working in the Veterinary Clinic, please contact me.  I am happy to help where I can.

There are a number of articles on the Members Only that may be helpful

Laura Harvey
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