The New Zealand Veterinary Nursing Association is a proud supporter of research undertaken by veterinary professionals in New Zealand, particularly research undertaken by veterinary nurses and technologists and that which will benefit all allied veterinary professionals. 

As part of this support, we will help researchers in a variety of ways. This may include participant recruitment and/or research dissemination. Whilst the NZVNA doesn't have the funds to financially support researchers, we are keen to hear other avenues in which you feel the NZVNA might be of assistance. 

At our 2019 stand-alone conference, we were excited to have our very first poster presentations. You can read more about them here. It is hoped this will become a regular fixture at future NZVNA conference and we encourage you to get involved. 

If you are wanting NZVNA support for a new research project - you can find out more here

For information on current research projects - check here.

To see examples of prior research that has been featured in The New Zealand Veterinary Nurse, check them out here. 

Note: At this stage, we are not limiting the number of applications we will accept, however we reserve the right to change this at any stage. Submission of an application does not guarantee acceptance.