Assistance with a research project

It is great to see veterinary professionals in New Zealand conducting research about our veterinary community. We are currently working on a programme that supports researchers who are doing work which we think will support professionalism and professional identity of allied veterinary professionals in NZ.

The NZVNA are in a unique position to be able to support research through access to our members and non-members alike, through our Facebook groups, e-newsletter and database.

We are also able to help disseminate research both in a formal process of peer-review via the New Zealand Veterinary Nursing journal, and through non-publication means via our website or non peer-reviewed articles.

Any researchers wishing to access these support mechanisms, either for recruitment of participants or for dissemination of results need to submit an application form (linked here).  Please email this back to

Applications are reviewed by the committee with a decision fed back to applications within 10 working days.

If accepted, we will provide you with visibility for your project (e.g. some free social media and/or newsletter coverage, at our discretion) and access to our membership base to help you collect data (with an associated cost), again at our discretion. We would also ask that you publish an article in our journal on your results with a summary of the outcome, for the benefit of our membership base (see application form).

We look forward to hearing from you.