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How to join the register

Thank you to everyone who participated last year and congratulations to all those who gained entry to either the List or the Register for 2020
To gain entry on to the list or register for 2021 veterinary nurses must:
Voluntary list
Voluntary register
Hold a veterinary nursing qualification equivalent to 1 year full time study Hold a veterinary nursing qualification equivalent to 2 years full time study
Complete at least 40 hour paid or unpaid work as a veterinary nurse in a veterinary facility or veterinary education facility per year
Complete at least 20 hours accredited CPD* per year

* Newly qualified VNs/students  are exempt from the 20 hours CPD requirement for the year in which they qualify e.g. if a VN qualifies in 2019 they are not required to complete extra CPD hours. However you must upload proof of your qualification to MyCPD Record prior to 31st December.  If you have not received your Diploma then a letter from your Provider is sufficient in the meantime. 

Becoming a member or Joining the Register does not automatically qualify you to be on the Register - you must upload your proof to MyCPD Record

If you studied in 2019 but did not graduate till 2020 then you still need to do 20 hours of CPD - the waiving of CPD applies to the year you studied, not the year you graduated

**As the website requires you to show 20 points before you can submit, please give your proof of qualification 20 points, thus allowing you to submit your CPD Record
For 2020 veterinary nursing students wanting to join the list or register for 2021, the following criteria apply.
1. If you studied New Zealand Certificate in Animal Technology-Veterinary Nursing Assistant in 2020 and will complete your qualification this year (2020), you can join the list for 2020 (LVNA) - see https://www.nzvna.org.nz/regulation/Joining+the+Register.html
2. If you studied New Zealand Diploma in Veterinary Nursing in 2020 and will complete your qualification this year (2020), you can join the register for 2021 (RVN) - see https://www.nzvna.org.nz/regulation/Joining+the+Register.html
To continue to be on the register beyond 2020, you will need to complete the required CPD hours (unless you return to veterinary nursing study). These are an annual requirements unless you are in at least part-time study.
Please note: All study needs to be at least part-time to waive the CPD requirements as a student. You need to be a current NZVNA member, and proof of qualification completion needs to be provided prior to 31 December, 2020. Please upload evidence to your My CPD Record. Merely being an NZVNA member does not automatically qualify you to be on the Register

The CPD requirement is waived as long as the student has completed 0.5 EFTS or greater each year of study in a veterinary nursing programme of study. They will need verification from tutors that they have successfully completed at least 0.5 ETFS over the year. What this means for part time Year 1 students is that as long as they have completed 0.5 EFTS over the year, they can have their CPD requirements for the year toward their LVN listing. For part time year 2 students, the minimum 0.5 EFTS they complete hopefully also would be accompanied by the finishing of their qualification in which case they will be eligible to enter the register as an RVN. 

Students who are finishing up a few courses to pass after being away for a while may not meet eligibility for waiving the CPD requirement unless they have completed a minimum of 0.5 EFTs.
NZVNA members will record their CPD using 'my CPD Record' on the NZVNA website and successful participants will be entered on to the list or register as appropriate.

In order to gain entry on to the list or register for 2021 you must supply evidence that you meet the criteria by 31 December 2020. Submit all evidence via 'my CPD record' on the NZVNA website.  All CPD must have been achieved during the year of submission.

key Member Benefits
  • NZVNA Journal
  • HR and OSH advice
  • Reduced Conference fees
  • SciQuest Veterinary Nursing Library
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