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Register of Veterinary Technologists for 2018

Register of Veterinary Technologists for 2018

Date of Expiry 31st December 2018
First Name                                                  
Registration Number        
Date of Registration
      1 January 2017
Emma Annear RVT00018  
Toni Beasley RVT00004  
Ashleigh Bryan RVT00014  
Jessica Byrnes-Clark RVT00015  
Alyssha Dent RVT00013  
Lisa Hamilton RVT00006  
Brittany Hanff RVT00007  
Emma Hawkins RVT00017  
Olivia Holt RVT00020  
Christie Jansson RVT00009  
Christina Jenkins RVT00002  
Stella  Lee RVT00033  
Kate Leveridge RVT00001  
Alianna Munakata RVT00012  
Aliesha O'Connell-Shanks RVT00011  
Melissa Roberts RVT00022  
Ellie Stonestreet RVT00012  
      1 January 2018
Abbey Sutherland RVT00023  
Haidee Clausen RVT00024  
Kerry McLaughlan RVT00025  
Samantha Robbins RVT00026  
Madeline Hill RVT00027  
Melanie Beachen RVT00028  
Natalie Anderson RVT00029  
Paige McLean RVT00030  
Ashley Xu RVT00031  
Sophie Manson RVT00032  
Stella Lee RVT00033  
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