Working in New Zealand

Working in New Zealand
Allowed Skills

There is no specific list of tasks that veterinary nurses or other allied veterinary professions are allowed to do, but there is legislation in place to help ensure animal welfare.

New Zealand has no legal regulation of veterinary nurses or other allied veterinary professions, therefore the professional responsibility falls to the veterinarians who are governed by the Veterinarians Act 2005

Additionally, the Animal Welfare Act 1999 lists some guidance about what tasks are specifically limited to veterinarians.

Legal Limitations

There is no legal regulation or protection of title for veterinary nurses, or other allied veterinary professionals, within New Zealand.


  • Currently any individual in New Zealand can use the title of veterinary nurse, even if they have no formal veterinary nursing education or training.
  • Registration is not required to work as a veterinary nurse.
  • Qualified veterinary nurses may practice with no professional consequences for clinical misconduct, or negligence (see Allowed Skills for information about the Veterinarians Act 2005).
  • There is no legal requirement to prove fitness to practice.
  • There is no legal requirement to complete continuing education or clinical currency.


While the above issues detract from professionalism within the veterinary nursing and allied veterinary professions, the NZVNA and AVPRC do offer guidelines for practice within New Zealand and these are generally accepted in lieu of formal regulations.


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